About Gavin Oliver

From a very young age, I have been very active. I was always outside playing as a kid, running, bikes, climbing trees, the works. Then as I got older playing sports, any sports, football, hockey, athletics and then onto extreme sports, like, rock climbing, abseiling, Kayaking and obstacle course events.
I then joined the British Army in 2009 as a Royal Engineer Driver. During this time I got spotted for excelling in the fitness side and then got choose to become a Physical Training Instructor in 2010, after standing out and being told I have what it takes to become a very good PTI.gav-muddy

After my PTI training, I got posted into my regiments gym at 21 Engineers, where I then started to learn more and take my squadron for PT.

I quickly realised, that the way the training was being provided and given wasn’t as efficient and effective enough as it could be, with people getting injured quite easily, so I decided to adapt my own training and see what I could find. Finding out about cross fit and more about multifunctional training, Olympic lifting etc, I took this and advice from other professionals around me and put it into squadron training helping my squadron to become stronger, fast, fitter and less likely to pick up injuries!!!

From there I then got a fantastic opportunity to work with the Royal Engineers Rugby League Team thanks to my Sergeant Major and the Head Coach of the rugby team. My role was Massaging and giving advice for injuries and training. I worked alongside and had guidance from the Army Rugby Physio and learned so much. I also gained experience in the way the lads trained on the pitch, in the gym and mentally. This again gave me more than just Rugby knowledge, it gave me overall knowledge of how much we can push our selves to be better.

I have also had experience working with soldiers that have had or got injuries, Working alongside a rehabilitation instructor, we set up sessions to help them get fit and overcome the injury sustained, with ongoing help once cleared of the injury.
I have also been injured my self and gone through physio, massage sessions and specific training to get back to full strength. Being injured my self, taught me how amazing the body is and what we can achieve when we put our mind to something.

Once out of the Army, I have worked in fitness alongside day jobs and gained masses of valuable experience. 6 years qualified in the fitness industry and being into sports and fitness since early days of school, I’ve had a vast and varied experience in this industry and still learning!

I have taken all this experience and decided to set up Gavin Oliver Fitness, to now pass this on to others and hopefully inspire people to love themselves and enjoy life buy feeling better inside and out!

If you fancy being a part of this, then contact me for more information or to book onto sessions.